Jennifer Horn - Illustrator & Designer @ RAW Australia REFLECT [Brisbane]

 The first thing you are probably wondering is who is Jennifer Horn.

Jennifer Horn is the illustrator/Artist I commissioned to create my iconic Brett & Bretty Wa Wa stamp you see at the end of every one of my blog posts and on my business card, which you would with every product purchased from us.

My brief for her is that I want myself feeding Bretty wa wa in my backyard on a postage stamp, in a water colour illustrated style with my everyday style gardening clothes, which was what I was wearing on that day. We posed for the picture, which she took from her phone, and drew us up within the week. The result was exactly what I wanted. So basically Jennifer Horn is the person I would hire to draw any illustrations that I may want to use for my business. Her website showcases some of her works:

So the second thing you're wondering is what is RAW Australia REFLECT [Brisbane] about? 

RAW is a showcase of: visual art - fashion - music - film - hair - makeup - photography - performance arts - accessories and the local Brisbane based artists who create them. For more details, here's the website:

RAW this year is on the 31st of January 2019, at 6:30 pm, location THE MET 56a/256 Wickham Street Fortitude Valley.

 Now the final thing you're probably wondering about is, why I am blogging about this. Well normally here at DIY Home Decor we leave the decorating up to you, and we only really just do homes (hence the name). However. This time for this occasions, for this person I decided to lend some of my products and styling to decorate Ms. Jennifer Horn's RAW stall to match her cute animal and building landscape artwork, artificial green vine and bamboo dish rack stand. 

So with this in mind, I thought she needs a table cloth to cover her fold out table. It should reach to the ground, and fortunately we have a range of 2.5 meter x 2.1 meter options to do just this, very nicely. However seeing her artwork, I thought we should go with our popular "Cottage Charm Table Cloth". That way the green vines, and animals and building will sit on a lush charming countryside landscape, as if they are growing out of the table itself.

So secondly we had to think about the backdrop. The stalls at RAW are approximately 2.5 meters wide, room enough for this 2 x 1 meter fold out table and a back wall, which will be made of a steel mesh, for the exhibitors to hang their artwork from.

We are going to frame the back wall with two drops of curtains, similar to this screen door (left picture) but the garden pattern curtains used for the window (right picture), again continuing the inside urban building artwork and outside countryside artwork themes.

So basically there will be the 2.5 meter metal mesh back wall framed either side by the curtains, tied back by the white curtain ties, framing her entire stall. Between the curtains will be fines and strings hanging up Jennifer Horn's cute animal illustrations on the left hand side, and building illustrations on the right hand side. The red curtains as an inner curtain signifies the show, and urban grand architecture of her building drawings. The green garden curtain as a top curtain will tie into the landscape-habitat theme of her artworks. Finally supporting these themes are a few little decor items, a wire model of the empire state and metal plates and art stands to emphasise the building art, emerging out of the table cloth's countryside illustration. A small grass mat covered mat and wooden art stand to emphasise the countryside habitat of the illustrated animals. That's more less that.

We will upload a final picture of the stall at the RAW event at the end of the month. If you like art and want to check out the work of some of Brisbane's up and coming artists, check out the event, tickets are affordable and you'll be celebrating some of the city's creative talent just by turning up.


Tonight is the night and the stall is all set up and looking good. It should be a good night for her,

If you are planning on doing a market stall or exhibition stall somewhere, please do not hesitate ask us for any decor advice and we will find you the best curtain set and table cloth (210 cm x 250 cm) to complete your stall's look.


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