My Peacock Philosophy to Home Decorating - Where/How to start decorating?

In the future when my peacock is fully grown he will have approximately 200 beautiful coloured eye pattern iridescent tail feathers, a flashing blue neck, an emerald green back, and a black opal belly. However, it doesn't happen overnight.

The same is true with your home. It won't become a wonderful sanctuary over night. 

If fact when they are born peacocks have no colourful feathers or exotic patterns. They are just plain super cute brown birds.

They have the shape that will expand into an elegant and wonderful bird one day, but it's a long step-by-step, stage-by-stage process that you can spend just as long dreaming about before it finally arrives. And this is just like your dream home. It needs to made, step-by-step, stage-by-stage, layer-by-layer, and one day at the end of that long journey it will be completely wonderful.

The question is where to start? With peacocks the first decoration that develops is their crown feathers.

With your home, you have to think what will be its crown feathers? Perhaps it's a gorgeous old oil painting you have in your family, or find one day in the shop or an estate sale, or on Gumtree. Maybe the frame needs replacing with a brand new shiny gold ornate French fame. Now it looks like it's been purchased from the Louvre and it only cost a few hundred dollars. Or it could be an enchanted chandelier you find one day and luckily you have the ten foot high ceilings to accommodate it. Either way start with your living room, or some public space at home that everyone can enjoy and compliment you about, and this will set the standards for the rest of your home.

Next more little crown feathers will grow out from their heads, to create a fan pattern. 

Likewise with your home, you may find a couple more fine paintings and frame them up to go along side your first painting. Look at that, you've started a feature wall. Your home is starting to look a little like a fine art gallery (or hotel style lobby if you started with the chandelier)!

The next step that happens in the peacock's development, is that its brown neck feather start to develop flashes of green. Time to add a few nice pot plants to your living room. Perhaps a few around the perimeter of the room, near the window and the edges of the room to create bit of a green frame. God's creations are surprisingly affordable and never going out of fashion. We even need them to keep the air clean so we can relax and breathe easy. 

Next you'll see those wonderfully flashes of green feathers start to turn sapphire blue. Just like with your homes it's time to dress up those green pot plants, with supporting tables and accessories. These might be wonderfully styled pots, wooden carved plant stands, classic buffet tables, flux flower in nearby flower vases, and traditional rugs to bring in pops of sophisticated colour and style. If you've started with your living room, you'll have to drop in the nicest, more comfortable, well proportioned sofa for your space that you can find and afford. All this will complete your classic indoor-garden living vibe. If by any chance you weren't sure what colour paint you wanted for your walls, now isn't a bad time to decide what would work with all your favourite home decor items you have collected and displayed thus far.

The colour of your walls should really suit your things and hopefully your home. However, it is quite acceptable to have a home that is totally unexpected on the inside. Home decorating is more about your happiness than anything else about how your home should look in terms of fashion or status.

So once the peacock's neck is its wonderful electric sapphire blue. It's wings start to increasingly form a distinctive zebra striped pattern, and his tail feathers begin to grow out.

It's time to take the style you started in your living room or whatever room you started with and to decorate the rest of your home. You'll need to buy key pieces of furniture for the other rooms, such as a bed for a bedroom or a dining table for your dining room. The other lesson in this stage by stage development is to do one room at a time. Otherwise you'll probably be too limited by your budget and time to make the decor decisions that will really define your living spaces.

Once the peacock grows some long tail features and its wings have a black and white zebra stripped clear pattern, like he bought them at David Jones, he's about one year old. In the second year he starts to develop his voice and the emerald green feathers start to appear down his back and on his tail feathers.

Likewise, once you have the basic furniture in place it's time to add in the colours and more decorative touches. Again do this one room at a time. Start with wall art, and plants, and then some furniture and shelves and rugs, and vases etc. If you're out shopping and you find something you love, buy it and take it home. It's good for the economy and its really fun working out where it can go. Once you find a room for it, and then a place in that room for it, careful placement and positioning of the object is essential. Groom it into position like a peacock carefully grooming and combing his feathers so that they look their best. Eventually like the peacock's emerald green back feathers, your home will be covered with hundreds of beautiful things, all fitting perfectly in place.

The same is true with the garden. As the peacocks back feathers are developing, his under belly feathers also are changing colour. They start off as plain white feathers below his neck, before they gradually turn into dark black feathers with some green and blue feathers, much like a black opal.

With your garden start by picking out your favourite dream trees and plant them where you like, providing there is sufficient room and sunlight for them to grow. Then plan your garden around those trees. Hedges, ground cover, smaller plants. Whatever you think will look good, and that you can probably maintain.

Finally, in the third and fourth year the peacock's tail grows out and its eye patterns develop. Perhaps these are the final upgrades to your home decor - such as decorative mouldings, plaster ornaments, large artwork installations, etc. In any case, the final extra layers and finishing touches will complete your home. Some people will say it never ends, that you will keep decorating your home, and I suppose you could. However I think everyone has their limit and you'll know when it's enough. In this blog, I will help you with advice and tips to develop your home decor like a peacock.


Brett Plagens

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