My Top 10 Favourite Gumtree Search Terms

Gumtree has allowed me to buy antique, unique furniture and artworks that are long gone from stores and often well within my budget limits. While I don't recommend buying everything off Gumtree, I do think by mixing old with new items you can make your home more beautiful and grand. So here is a list of my favourite Gumtree search terms, set for 100 km of my home. 

1) "Brass and Glass" - looking for brass furniture with glass table top inserts. They have a 1920s-1950s glamorous appearance that looks straight out of an old five star hotel.

The table on the right I bought from the salvos, however this is the sort of brass and glass table I'm pretty sure would pop up on Gumtree from time to time, or you could probably find this kind of item in some antique shops.

The table on the left I bought from Gumtree with 6 chairs for $350. So say $50 per piece. I remember in Harvey Norman maybe 7 years ago the two chairs with arm rests were selling for $350 each. The other four chairs without arm rests were selling for $300 each. The table itself was selling for $1900. I constantly see the same thing with my other dining table and coffee tables that I paid retail for selling on Gumtree for 50 percent to 70 percent off what I paid in store.

2) "Brass and Marble" [table] - looking for brass furniture with marble tops.They also have a 1920s-1950s glamorous appearance that looks straight out of an old five star hotel. Furthermore with proper care, they are pieces that last lifetimes, always looking grand and beautiful. I don't recommend painting them, but rather keeping them in their original polished state. in addition to furniture this is a great search term for finding old Italian brass and marble coat racks.

Some of the many things you can find:

Half moon table attached to wall (I paid $75), small coffee table ($50), medium coffee table ($60 I think from memory).

side tables (I paid $75 ea), better side table ($60 I think from memory).

3) "Oil Painting" or "large painting" - usually it is bit of a long shot to find anything nice at a good price ($50-100), however like fishing at Wellington Point you will find a good catch once in a while you can find something you can use.

A couple pictures I did purchase off Gumtree. The one on the left was for $50, and the one on the right I paid $350.

4) "Gazebo" - people wanting to get rid of their semi-permanent gazebo means you can get it for under $200, or under $100 dollars. However you can also find a range of high end gazebos for reasonable prices.

They are often the Bunnings variety, so you will need to go to Bunnings to get a new canvas top, and while you are at it some paint to give it a new finish.

I bought this one off Gumtree for $80. It needed repainting and a little bit of decorating to give it that personalised look.

5) "Aquariums" - second hand aquariums are usually well priced with all the necessary filters and heaters and other tools. Fish can make a great attraction in certain rooms. My personal favourite is having a basic aquarium set on a brass and marble coffee table or side table, which I also look on Gumtree to buy. It looks fantastic.

6) "Peacocks" - Peacock are an icon of beautiful décor, and you can often find a variety of peacock inspired items on Gumtree. However during December to February you can also find real peachicks, for sale on Gumtree, as a result of their annual breading season. Though out the year you can also find adolescent peacocks for sale. They are a lot of work, so please read my article on raising peafowl and anything else you can find before adopting any. 

I also don't recommend buying a fully grown or adolescent bird. Unless you are bringing them to a peacock paradise, they are likely to have issued with being removed from their original home. In any case you will need to take really good care of them and give them lots of food and patience to aid their adaption into their new habitat. On the upside, they are less likely to get sick, which is great because going to the vet can be an expensive exercise.

I love peafowl, they are amazing children to adopt. Note I said children, and not pets. You have to raise them like children rather than pets. That way it will be better for your surrounding community. Also they eat a lot of food so at least $150-$200 per month for 2-4 birds. You may also want to keep up to $5000 on hand to handle any vet bills that may accidentally arise.

7) "Louis XV" or "Rococo" - looking for rococo style seats, chairs, love seats and chaises.

  These are a few of the chairs I purchased from Gumtree:

 Antique and reproduction chairs, sofas (at $350), chaise (at $450), telephone table (at $250 I think).

8) "Green house" or "Chicken Coop" or "Pet enclosure" - it's great to have fowl or pheasants or dogs and better to have a nice big home for them, as a statement feature of backyard grandeur and generosity. The green house is also great for growing cuttings, seedlings and fruits and vegetables as a mini kitchen garden.

9) "Chandeliers" - some people are always changing their light fixtures just to change the style of their home interiors. You can find really high end chandeliers priced reasonably for what they are. You can find mid range chandeliers of various styles. You can also find fixer-upper inexpensive chandeliers for usually under $80. I prefer to go for these, as I do enjoy refurbishing. I feel they have a story to tell and giving them a new life is bit of a nice thing to do for them and your home.

Here are three fixer-uppers I bought from Gumtree. The one on the left I forgot to take a "before" picture. It was gold plated but all rusted, but for $50 it was worth it, because it had all its Austrian crystals complete. So I spray painted it white to hang in the gazebo I also bought from Gumtree for $80. I then added the plastic crystal balls from the light on the right. I bought it fro $50. I kept the frame and restocked it with brand new Egyptian crystals I bought while in Korea. The light in the middle I bought for $10. It was from a demolished building. It needed 6 hours of polishing, rewiring, replacing light clips and all the glass flutes.  

10) "Dining Table" or "Marble Dining table" - usually you can find great dining sets under $400. An absolute barging, leaving you money to spend on other things.

In conclusion, Gumtree is a fantastic resource for shopping. Often you can find items you see in store at a fraction of their original cost. Or you can find speciality or vintage or antiques goods that you would be lucky to find in stores at all. Simply Gumtree is a whole other world of home decor shopping that is worth checking out week after week for amazing things at amazing prices.


Brett Plagens

Raising Peafowl (Peacocks)
Burning Incense in your Backyard

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