Perfumes throughout the House

Once in a while it's nice to top up and/or change up your room fragrances. Of course there are many different ways to fragrance your rooms, such as scented candles, wax melts, oil burners, electronic diffusers, reed diffusers, traditional fragrance diffusers, potpourri, paper flowers or even fresh flowers. Personally I like using fragrance oils on paper flowers on dining and coffee tables, potpourri out on occasional side tables and traditional fragrance diffusers for entrances. I also like using pre-packaged reed diffusers, for rooms and side tables I often walk past, and scented candles for special occasions. However, I've noticed a few of my friends really getting into using electronic diffusers and tea light candle oil burners.

Here are my top 5 scents for this year.

1) Romantic Rose: 

Is an enduring classic, sweet and always welcoming scent that works in almost every room to add that whiff of sophistication and class.

2) Patchouli: 
Great for bedrooms, study rooms and even bathrooms, this sweet and exotic fragrances is an interesting and unusual old world scent that your friends will be asking you about. Some describe it as a strong musky, earthy, slightly sweet aroma.

3) Dragon's Blood: 

Created from the resin of the Dracaena tree, is a soft, sweet old world fragrance that is calming and rich.

4) Lemongrass: 

A sweet grassy with a touch of floral scent that is an interesting choice for dinning, kitchen rooms and outdoor living areas.

5) Sandalwood: 

An old world scent that is sweet, rich and earthy, great for entrances, the corner of the room and study rooms.

Like I mentioned, there are several ways to use these perfume oils. For dining tables, coffee tables and occasional side tables, I like to use potpourri.

It's as easy as sprinkling a few drops on the potpourri. Or you can put the potpourri into a plastic bag and then sprinkle a few drops of the perfume oil onto them in the plastic bag. Then tie off the plastic bag, sealing in the fragrance. Shake the bag and let it sit for 24 hours before you take the paper flowers or potpourri out. The potpourri are great to display in crystal bowls.

​Instead of potpourri, you can also use paper flowers in exactly the same way.

Reed diffusers are often stronger smelling than using paper flowers and potpourri, so avoid using them in small rooms that you spend a lot of time in. The smell could be over bearing. Best to use them in more open larger flowing areas that you just normally walk past, catching that distinctive fragrance as you walk past.

Traditional perfume fragrance dispensers, are easy to use. You just pour the fragrance into the jar and it softly releases the fragrance into the area. I think these work best in entrances, where the smell can linger around the holder. Once the door is opened and wind passes through it creates this surprising gust of fragrance that rushes into the home. It's welcoming, whimsical and as quick as it comes it vanishes, like waking up from a dream.

Scented candles are great in the dining room and even in the bathrooms for those annual special occasions, such as anniversaries and Valentine's day. You can quickly light them, sprinkle some real or artificial rose petals around and on the table and wha-la instant atmosphere. Ready to romance.

Large scented candles, mostly for decoration are also great for living and study rooms. On nice gold candle stands, creates a sort of opera-like aesthetic in the room. By the way to make your candles look more high end and designer, push a decorated brass button into the middle of them.

If you're seeking the more earthy, tropical or natural raw aesthetic for your room, soap stone or wood carved tea-light fragrance oil diffusers on a glass occasional table are definitely the way to go.

For your outdoor areas and rooms, you could also go with the soap stone or wood carved incense holders, using either sticks or cones.

More recently however, electronic oil diffusers are increasingly popular. These emit puffs of steam that carries the fragrance throughout the room. These look especially fitting for modern style homes. However they work really well in traditional style homes also, adding bit of a modern touch.

Adding a range and variety of scents to your home with the right scent in each area can really add a dimension and layer to your home that slows down the pace of the everyday living, as you can't help to smell and appreciate exotic and wonderful fragrances all around your home. 


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