Selling your home in a slowing housing market...

 So the housing market is slower than it was and after almost three months on the market, the Agent tells my client that he's got to drop the price a little more. Otherwise the listing is going to become stale. I tell him that I can change the curtains using our range of curtains (supplied by Aus Wholesale Direct), and the interior will look more boutique, exclusive and more upmarket.

The client wanted offers over $380,000 and the best offer he had received with it being on the marker for over 3 months was $369,000. As of 4/2/2019, the very first open house showing, following the curtain upgrade they received and accepted an offer for $383,000. So I thought maybe there might be others of you out there struggling to get a fair price for your home and perhaps these curtains can make the difference for you.

 As you can see there is nothing wrong with the rooms. But there's also nothing special to make the memorable and outstanding on a market of grey walls and grey carpet offerings.

Telling the client, "If you wouldn't put those old curtains in your own home, it can't be too appealing to buyers", I changed up the curtains to colours which I knew worked well on grey walls. These are your blue-green and even purple pattered curtains. To make them feel balanced, it's good to use a red patterned inner curtain.

Living room - before picture
Living Room - Before Picture
Living Room - After Picture
Living Room Window - Close Up

Close up you can see the different layers. Red inner curtain with a green and gold pattern, and over it a Green-Blue top curtain with gold, yellow, orange and purple accents. The Sheer curtain has a gold vine and flower pattern, with creates an intimate atmosphere. The existing old vintage light fixtures work with the curtains to create a boutique styled room.

Living Room - Close Up

These patterns really pop against the grey wall paint, while really complimenting the rich texture of the hardwood flooring.

Another issue that the blue green curtains worked to explain was the wall colour transition into the kitchen which the client had painted mint green.

Paint Transition between rooms in an open plan can be problematic.
Living Room to Kitchen - Before

Wall colour needs to be explained by the decor style and colours, which is a little difficult when a home isn't staged. So we added in some green curtains, with orange and pink accents around the sliding door that had the same pattern as the windows.

Living Room to Kitchen - After

In addition to all these green-blue curtains in the living room, we added a traditional pattern green rug for the floor.

Living Room - Rug to tie in Curtains and Green Kitchen Walls

Ultimately the colour choices need to tie in with each other.

The bedrooms had grey carpet and grey walls. So to give them more warmed and make the window a feature, we used orange copper tone sheer curtains.

Bedroom 1 - Before
Bedroom 1 - After
Bedroom 1 - Close Up
Bedroom 2 - Before
Bedroom 2 - After
Bedroom 2 - After
Bedroom 3 - Before
Bedroom 3 - After
Bedroom 3 - Close up

I also think it's important to decorate each bedroom with different curtain patterns but that have similar colours.

Finally, downstairs had creamy white painted walls on wood coloured floor. For white and yellow walls I always recommend Red patterned top curtains.

Different areas in a living room can zoned by using different red patterned curtains. 

Downstairs Living Room - Before
Downstairs Living Room - After.
Downstairs Living Room - Close up of Curtain Fabric
Downstairs Living room - After
Downstairs Living Room - Curtain Fabric Closeup

Remember that you can hand your curtains as high as you like. Some decorators suggest to hang them just under the cornices, but make sure the drop length reaches the floor. For an affordable price you can add colour and drama to an otherwise standard room. If you need help picking out which curtains would work well in your home, feel free to send us a photo and a message via our "contact us" page and we will gladly give you some key recommendations.


Brett Plagens

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